We are a group of companies engaged to the manufacture and marketing of packaging products for the Food, Beverages, Industrial and Pharmaceutical industry. We currently have three product lines.

Ravi Caribe, Inc. was established in 2007 with the goal of being a leader group for packaging solutions in the Dominican Republic, Haiti and the Caribbean. We have a clear mission that our customers are the most important asset, providing them an efficient and personalized service, with innovation, technology, integrity and security.

  • About Us

    Nowadays, Ravi Caribe, Inc. is divided into two recognized operations that offer solutions for packaging under the highest quality standards and international certifications. These operations are made up in the companies Ravi Caribe and Labels Caribe, Inc.

    Ravi Caribe and Labels Caribe have lines of production and printing of last generation where we achieve the highest quality standards. We have a Department of Design, Department of Pre-Press, Processing Area and Engraving of digital plates, as well as a Quality Department for each unit, which controls and ensures that all standards and requirements requested by our customers are accomplished.

    Our inspection systems controlled by cameras online and a colors control system on both units allow us to be certified by large groups in the beverage industry, in the industrial sector, the food industry, the pharmaceutical industry, among others.

    Our production plant and all our processes are certified by the international standards: Quality ISO9001, Environment ISO14001, Food Safety ISO22001, Safety and Health at Work ISO 45001, jointly to the Spanish company AENOR.

    With these certifications we ensure to provide the highest quality products, and allow us to manufacture the products with the utmost safety for our employees and the environment.

    Moreover, the geographical location of Ravi Caribe, Inc. in the city of Santo Domingo positions us as a strategic business partner for our customers in the Dominican Republic, Haiti and the Caribbean.

  • Mission

    We are a company that provides packaging solutions with innovation, focused on satisfying the needs of our customers, committed to provide the highest level of efficiency and quality, preserving the environment and occupational health.

  • Vision

    Our vision is to be the leading Organization of Packaging Solutions in the Dominican Republic and the Caribbean, with a sustainable growth, and becoming one of the preferred companies to work.

  • Values
    • Efficiency: We are constantly searching how to maximize standards, which keeps us in a process of continuous improvement.
    • Customer Service: We listen and serve our customers to exceed their expectations.
    • Integrity: Our actions are permanently regulated by ethics and principles. We fulfill what we say.
    • Commitment: We identify with the services we offer to our customers. We respond, resolve, and satisfy.
    • Teamwork: Together we strengthen our skills to achieve common success.
    • Innovation: We encourage the promotion of new ideas and proposals in our organization and our environment.
  • Integral Management Policy

    Ravi Caribe, Inc., produces and sells safe packaging solutions with a high-quality level; taking into account the prevention of risks in the different processes and avoiding negative environmental aspects in the productive activity. Consequently, defining its Integral Management Policy under the following commitments:

    • Continuously optimization of our processes and products, looking forward to a continuous improvement in order to meet the requirements of customers and internal/external stakeholders.
    • Ensure that all employees and other internal/external stakeholders comply with the Legal requirements and Standards/Regulations of Quality, Environment, Safety, Occupational Health and Safety.
    • Establish effective controls to prevent, minimize or eliminate risk factors that may affect the product quality and/or generate environmental contamination, involving damages to the ecosystem and the health of employees, customers and other interested parties.
    • Promote the participation and commitment of all the collaborators in the application and development of the policy, through the communication, the continuous training and the development of its competences.
    • The top management is committed to the provision of resources, review and use of this policy, in order to obtain the effective maintenance of the Integral Management System.

Ravi Caribe is our unit dedicated to the manufacture and marketing of plastic lids.

Labels Caribe is our unit dedicated to the manufacture and marketing of plastic labels.


We provide the highest quality with the best service.

Put into operation our products in the productive lines of our customers.

We provide after-sales services to ensure that our products keep accomplishing our parameters in the production lines of our customers.

Manufacture of tooling for the capsuling lines of our clients.

Why us?

Our policies ensure superior quality and make a competitive advantage. In addition, we have a strategic location to supply the region.

Ravi Caribe, Inc. produces and markets safe packaging solutions with a high level of quality; consequently, it has defined its policy of integral management under the following commitments.


We optimize continually our processes and products in search of the constant improvement to meet the requirements of the customers and the parties concerned.


We guarantee that all staff and suppliers comply with the legal requirements of environment, safety, occupational health and safety.


We establish effective actions to prevent, minimize or eliminate risk factors that may cause environmental pollution or involve health damage of the workers, customers and other parties concerned.


We promote the participation and responsibility of all employees in the implementation and development of this policy, through communication and continuous training.


Top management is committed to the review and implementation of this policy for the effective maintenance of the integrated management system.

What our customers say

All our processes are certified in the ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO22000, ISO45000 and FSSC22000 standards, and we are also certified by the Dominican Institute for Quality (INDOCAL).

This guarantees the highest quality of our products, and certifies that they were manufactured with the highest security for our employees and the environment.

Brands that trust Ravi Caribe

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